Silent Hill to return.

Silent Hill 8

Woke up this morning. Had a big chin.

Konami’s batshit mental survival horror series is set to return with Silent Hill 8 (working title).  The game starts in a prison transport vehicle that crashes leaving the game’s protagonist, Murphy Pendleton (LOL), thumbing for a lift.  A lift in a car straight from…. THE TWILIGHT ZONE.  Or Silent Hill or whatever.

According to Konami, Murphy (it’s you!) will battle terrifying monsters while solving brain-bending puzzles.  I’m sure actual prison is scarier than Silent Hill.  At least in Silent Hill you won’t have to toss the salad for a headless zombie thing that prefers syrup.

The game promises an ‘all new thought provoking storyline’ (read: more Japanese mentalist bollocks that makes no sense whatsoever).  Anyway, 2011.  Not that you actually care.

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