2017:  PEOWW rising.

We’re back to celebrate our tenth birthday.  November 2007 was the month where PEOWW gave the industry hope.  We ended our run in 2011 but came back for a month for our fifth birthday and then we went away.

Gaming became a living hell of loot boxes, dreary simulator games and Brash Games.  Fuck.  We’ve got one month to clear this shit up.


Previously on PEOWW….

PEOWW was an unfuckwittable force for gaming good that ran from 2007 to 2011.  Almost 300 reviews, plus news and features, were written but all good things come to an end.  We went out on our swords, at the peak of our game.  We were pulling 75,000 visitors a month or something and continued to tell it like it is.  We are truly sorry to leave you in a horrible world of ThisGamer, ThatGamer, WhateverGamer and various bullshit sites that review games based on their box-art and demos.  We never did that.  We never chased the exclusives because we, like you, are just a bunch of counter-culture slackers who play too many games.

The site continues to exist as a forum and the podcasting will continue.  But for now this is the end, beautiful PEOWWsters.

Honour Roll

Thanks to everyone who read our shit, listened to our bollocks or viewed our Youtube channel.  Thanks to everyone on the forum who made, and continue to make, it the best forum on the fucking planet.  Thanks to the sites that were cool with us, too many to name them all but special mention goes to Gaming Lives for hosting us and generally having our backs.

Thanks to all the writers who ever took part in this project.  I hope you enjoyed putting your work out there and I was glad to edit and format that shit up like a tasty chef.  Special thanks to those who were there to the end as well.