PEOWW 2.0 comes to an end.

Hello, Loves!

Well that was fun.  A bonus month of unfuckwittable PEOWW sex in your mouth.  We came to get our revenge on the games industry that murdered our families and left us disfigured but it seems the games industry has eaten itself and shat out nothing but cunts.

We’re off to get in our day-glo flying alien Chevy Malibu and try our hand at something new, something different, something that doesn’t have money-hungry publishers and supplicant game sites sucking off PR cunts for a mouthful of the next AAA blockbuster piece of shit.  Something that isn’t ‘free to play’ or full of day one DLC.  Something that isn’t voiced by Nolan North.  Something that isn’t a generic sequel to something we loved ten years ago.  Something that isn’t brought to you by the fucking GMAs or sites give out good reviews based on box art.  Something that isn’t a Peter Molyneux experiment or a fucking Kickstarter.

As ever, everything we did was for our readers, apart from the in-jokes.  They were mostly for the three of us who still play on Live but we hope we gave you a giggle and told you what lemons to avoid.  Or buy!

Thanks for reading, Loves.  PEOWW LOVES YOU ALL.

We’ll be like animals.  Watching you.  From afar.  Rich and PEOWW


Industry Fucking Shmindustry

Mark Reid

Politics are fucking shite. Doesn’t matter whether it’s forum politics, social politics or that bullshit inter-family nonsense where you can’t just pick a wedding guest list based on who you actually want to have at your own fucking wedding… they’re all shite. Gaming industry politics is probably the worst of all though. The amount of back-biting that goes on is equalled only by the amount of back-slapping and, in order to really get ahead in this business, you need to do one or the other. Doing neither simply results in a position of stalemate whereby those who have the desire to be pandered to will rarely want to send you so much as a press release and those who want you to be openly negative about others will react in the same way. Continue reading

Vampiric Molyneux sets up a Kickstarter

Peoww News

Peter Molyneux’s 22Cans boutique dev have revealed their newest game. It’s a Kickstarter project for a god game (just fancy that!) called Godus. In typical Molyneux fashion it boasts he invented the god game genre. At the time of writing it stands at just over £17,000, though we can’t help but hope it falls well short of it’s £450,000 target. Though if Tim Schafer can manage to finance his bilge, 22Cans may well manage it too.  Ian

Walking Dead final chapter hits today.

Peoww News

We may hate zombies, point and click games and anything with moral choices in it, but fucking hell we love The Walking Dead.  The fifth and final chapter is released today and we’ll be gobbling it up hungrily like it’s a freshly baked brain pie.

The other parts came out during the PEOWW HIATUS but we’ll look to review the entire thing once we’ve beaten the final chapter.  Preview:  it’s going to score very highly.  Rich

Idiots parted with lots of money.

Peoww News

The latest in the Call of Duty series, Black Ops II, has generated a little news and fuck it, it’s a slow news day and I can sneak out a quick story without any pictures.

Turns out that Treyarch’s latest Ross Kemp ’em up made like $500 million in 24 hours.  Like, seriously.  What the fuck?  The fourth biggest launch of all-time.  People clearly have forgotten that Treyarch are the poor relations in this franchise.

Oh and Black Ops Declassified is the second biggest Vita launch title ever.  Despite this.  Rich