Walking Dead final chapter hits today.

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We may hate zombies, point and click games and anything with moral choices in it, but fucking hell we love The Walking Dead.  The fifth and final chapter is released today and we’ll be gobbling it up hungrily like it’s a freshly baked brain pie.

The other parts came out during the PEOWW HIATUS but we’ll look to review the entire thing once we’ve beaten the final chapter.  Preview:  it’s going to score very highly.  Rich

2 thoughts on “Walking Dead final chapter hits today.

  1. Markuz

    Zombies used to be so cool. I hate what the gaming industry has done to them… they’re like the Salvation Army now. Everywhere you look, it’s fucking zombies. Zombies in cowboy games, serious war games, cartoony war games, and I bet there’s even something like Zombie Chess HD somewhere. Someone needs to kill zombies. Again.

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