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Review – Mark Newton


Nocturnal creatures are not so prudent.  The moon’s my teacher and I’m her student.

We found out today that Mark Newton, co-founder of PEOWW passed away earlier this week following a short illness.  He was 42 and leaves behind a loving wife, Judith, and two girls, Sophie and Isobella.

We can only imagine their sense of loss as Mark was a devoted family man.

For us that knew him as part of the gaming community and from the PEOWW forum, we remember him as a great guy who was a big presence both online and in the real world.  His knowledge of all things in geek culture was incredible.

This website started as an idea in 2006, probably during a session of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.  The idea was for the site to be funny, honest and a little bit ridiculous.  Just like us.  It became a reality in 2007 and we worked together for the next three or four years.  His first review for the site was Bioshock but he went on to write many more as well as running our YouTube account and writing our Perfekt Past retro features.

But writing about Manhunt on the PS2 can only get you so far in life and eventually Mark moved onto other projects like ‘creating human life’ and woodworking.  He always was the sensible one.

So to our PEOWW enforcer, we’re not going to write some condolence card nonsense but instead commemorate you the way you would have wanted:  with some guy’s unwatchable video of Jetstrike on the CD32.

From your boys (Rich, Paul, Ian, Gareth, Grizz, Mark, Mike, Chris, Lurk, Maf, Steve B, Sidey, Sly, Rook, Andy).


Final Score:  10/10

One thought on “Mark Newton (CD32)

  1. Judith Newton

    Hi Guys,
    Judith here. Thank you for writing about Mark. He was a wonderful man and I am missing him very much. His girls are lost without their Dad and it is hard thinking of life without him

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