Unfuckwittable. That’s what you were

Hello, Loves!

After four years of le content unfuckwittable, PEOWW (bleoww-faced killers from the Planet Sex) is changing as we know it.  Not in a good way – unfortunately we’ve decided to call it a day on the written side of the site – but the forum and PEOWWcast will continue FOREVER.

We did what we set out to do back in September 2007.  We wrote 260+ reviews telling you exactly what we thought.   It won us a few fans and pissed off a few people along the way but it was all about the games.  Not the industry, the hype, the advertising or the PR guys.  We recommended Two Worlds, we hated EA.  We were the good guys to the end!

We’ll still be around but it is an ending of sorts so thank you for reading, listening and watching.

One love.