The only way to kill Dead Rising 2 is to chop off the head or destroy the brain.

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Capcom’s original Dead Rising might well be one of PEOWW‘s favourite Xbox 360 titles but we don’t half wish they’d fuck off now.  We were less than impressed with the exceptionally lukewarm Dead Rising 2. Mainly thanks to it being the same game as the original but dumbed down for the masses and with the most broken online component ever.

Well now they’ve announced Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, a retelling of the story but with Frank West (the Johnny Knoxville-esque paparazzi from the first game and the XBLA title Dead Rising: Case West).  Ugh!  Let it go, Capcom.  Or at least patch Dead Rising 2 so that we can finish the multiplayer shit.

As PEOWW‘s own Matthew says “Capcom: “Dead Rising 2 was shit, so we’re retconning it and replacing the dull, generic character with Frank West.”

No release date has been given but rest assured, when it gets released we probably won’t bother with it.  Rich

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