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Sometimes we send out the PEOWW news vulture to steal gaming news from other sites because we’re too strung out on heroin to find our own and today the Karen flew back in through our window with this piece of horror stuck in her craw.

Rumour has it that EA’s long-awaited Syndicate remake has been under development for some time and is, according to the makers of some PC RPG bollocks, going to be a GTA rip-off.

This makes us unhappy.  The original Syndicate remains one of the greatest games and is pwopa nawty and the sequel, Syndicate Wars was also apparently good (although we’re not so sure).  So turning it into yet another fucking sandbox game is as welcome as when they did it on Far Cry 2, which is to say ‘not welcome at all.’ 

At this point we’re hoping the whole thing gets canned.

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