PEOWW’s Pro Dojo: Part One


PEOWW’s Not-so-secret stratagems revealed.



We’re no strangers to sharing the love here at PEOWW. Be it the love of a supposed lemon like EDF or a retro classic like Bombjack. That also goes for all the different hints, tips and outright dirty cheats we’ve found playing all those games both modern and retro throughout the years.

So in an effort to share the love even more and let others in on our meagre secrets I’ve started what we’re calling the PEOWW Pro Dojo. They’re a series of videos that’ll show you how to ‘do’ the grass code for Two Worlds, unlock the best weapons for Bad Company and lots more beside.

If you’ve used the lessons contained herein and would like to comment on them or would like to see a particular game PEOWW’ed drop us a line at the usual address.

Two Worlds


Battlefield: Bad Company

Fallout 3

Resident Evil 5

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