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The PEOWW Awards 2010 – Nominations

Awards, yeah?

Yes, my dears, it’s that time of year again where we take a look back at all the games released in the huge ball ache of a year that was 2010. Some where good, some where bad and some where Army of Two: Ladyboys Wreck Your Shit Whilst Raping Pandas.

Just like last year we’ve broken the nominations down into different sections based on style, hardware format and the like with each one getting up to three votes from you with your first choice being your preferred preference and so on.  Additional comments are always welcome ans we’ll use them where we can.

We’ve included a few new categories this year to reflect changes in the gaming scene along with all your old favourites like the ‘LOL@’ and ‘Lemon’ so be sure to check our REVIEWS and MINI REVIEWS sections for a reminder of some the games eligible for nomination.

So have your say and get your votes in before December 31st 2010 to THIS address.

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