New PSP looks a bit shit.

Go (away)

Go (away)

Despite claims to the contrary (from, you know… wankers), there’s no anti-Sony agenda here. We hate them a little less than we hate Microsoft but we’ve got love for the PSP. It’s a PS1 (well… 1.5) in your hand. That’s amazing. Fuck the DS with its gimmicky stylus use that generally only serves to get you through menus or overcomplicate the gameplay and give you cramp) and painfully bad 3D.

So, the new PSP has been revealed to the world (good work GamingConsoleNetwork) and, well, it looks shit doesn’t it?

No UMD support, no second stick… in fact no sticks, it just has one analogue nub and frankly I’d rather attempt to control a game using my tongue than a PSP nub. The sliding screen looks gash as well. It does come with 16gb of storage though, which’ll be great for storing emulators on when they inevitable hack this thing.

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