More-tal Kombat

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Well, we sort of liked the new Mortal Kombat game.  That said, we’re already bored of it.  We’d try for the achievements max but unfortunately we don’t have a fucking month to waste on it.

So that shit’s getting lashed when something good comes out.  But in the meantime, Warner Bros have announced that XBLA will be getting Mortal Kombat Kollection, a collection of the first three games.

UMK3 was available a while back but got pulled from XBLA when Midway went tits up but it’ll be part of this package along with the first game (pretty good) and second one (ace).  They’ll probably ruin the whole thing by throwing in ranked match achievements.  We maxed UMK3 and that included getting 100 ranked wins.  Every single one of them was against a cunt.  Bad times.   Rich

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