Microsoft are scum.

Arkanoid Live is out today.  It costs 800pts which is a fair price for a remake of a stone cold arcade classic.

But what’s this?  The demo shows that the main menu has options for four episodes.  It’s only once you complete the demo (which is six stages long) that you realise that your 800pts only buys you episodes 1 and 2.  What’s the odds that 3 and 4 will cost 400pts then?

The achievements only relate to episodes 1 and 2 also which makes us think that another 50 gamerscore will be attached to the DLC.

Note to Microsoft:  it’s one thing charging 1200pts for games, but charging it for a full game and then tricking people into buying part of the game for 800 makes you literally cunts.  XBLA is dead.  Go fuck yourselves.

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