Mad Catz Streetfighter 4 controllers.



The fact is that if you want to play a beat ’em up on the 360, you need to either own a Hori stick (if you can find one) or you need to go back in time and punch whatever Microsoft twat designed the 360 pad in his fat, stupid head.

Well, Mad Catz (purveyors of dogshit peripherals like this are releasing a bunch of Street Fighter 4 flavoured controllers. There’s a joypad (see that pic on the left) based on the old Saturn one and a couple of arcade sticks.

It all looks a bit good (are you that arsed about SF4 though?) but the price (£25 for the pad, £70 for the cheapest stick) seem a bit gash but we’d probably pay that for a decent d-pad these days. We just wouldn’t pay full price for Shaun White Snowboarding (bLOL).

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