It’s taken a while but…



So, those Avatar things that we played with for literally ten minutes back when the fuck-awful NXE thing launched last year.  Microsoft hadn’t really done much with them apart from occasionally giving us hats or whatever.  Well, the latest Xbox Live update has added the following sure fire signs that certain people shouldn’t be on your friendlist.

Clone Trooper Armour/Elite Outfit/COG Armor/Elites Outfit/Locust Drone Armour/Obi-Wan Tunic and Armour/Sam Fisher Outfit/Splinter Cell Outfit/UNSC Marine Armor – all priced between 320 or 400M$P each.

There’s also the following pointless shit:

  • Basketball – 160M$P
  • Big Daddy Doll – 240M$P
  • Camera – 160M$P
  • Dumbbells – 160M$P
  • Guitar -160M$P
  • Lightsaber – 400M$P
  • Mobile Phone – 160M$P
  • Pom Poms – 160M$P
  • Popcorn – 160M$P
  • Football – 160M$P

Literally shit then.

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