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Remember the Tony Hawk games?  They were big news about ten years ago but a succession of shit sequels did for the series, culminating the epic fail of Shred and Ride, two games that used a fake skateboard peripheral.  Of course by then no-one gave the slightest fuck about the series.  For us it all came crashing down when Bam Margera became a main character and you got involved in shopping trolley races or something.  Fuck.

EA took over the genre with their excellent SKATE series (although that’s starting to go through the motions a bit and the DLC sucks infinite cock) and that was that.  Tony’s smug face became a faded memory.

Well, Activision have finally come to their senses and announced that THPS1 and THPS2 are getting the HD remake treatment.  Of course, they’ve got to mess with it slightly – these won’t be seperate ports but rather a big mash-up of the first two games – but if they can keep the gameplay solid (no shitty slo-mo focus mode plz) then they may be onto a winner.

The soundtrack is likely to change so don’t expect too much in the way of bouncy ska-punk (the default skating music genre of the 90s) but hopefully they’ll avoid whatever shit the kids of today are calling punk.

In the meantime, read this account of us reacquainting ourselves with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1Rich

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