I am the Carmack, I seek the Romero. He must have the Daikatana!

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In an interview with gamesindustry.biz, creative director of id Software Tim Willits has as good as confirmed a sequel to forthcoming post-apocalypse-em-up Rage.

This is all well and good, but given the game hasn’t even shipped yet isn’t it a little premature to proclaim that a sequel is on the cards? Faith in your new IP is admirable, but it brings to mind the¬†high¬†profile failure of notorious FPS clusterfuck Daikatana by id co-founder John Romero.

We hope Rage turns out to be more than the apparent sum of its parts, but evidence glimpsed at Eurogamer doesn’t instil confidence, our very own Richie referring to it as two parts Borderlands and three parts Metro 2033 but less fun than the two of them.

It could just be a case of an engine looking for a game, just as was the case with Doom 3 with its delightful torch based gameplay… Ian

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