Three is the magic number.

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Yes it is. It’s a magic number; at least, that’s what the producers of newly announced threequels for the Serious Sam and Ninja Gaiden series are hoping.

The trailer for NG3 is short and vague, as is the fashion these days, and features world’s least stealthy ninja Ryu Hyabusa noisily stabbing a man in broad daylight (tut) and getting blood all over his gammy arms. With half-man, half-biscuit, all-awesome series creator Tomonobu Itagaki having long-since left Team Ninja, I fear the series will falter without his self-assured direction. But then you could argue that already happened with NG2, so whatever.

Meanwhile in Croatia, Croteam confirmed Serious Sam 3: BFE (Bright Friendly Environments?) for release on consoles and PC this summer. The game is apparently a prequel set in 22nd century Egypt and looks bloody gorgeous. Along with Bulletstorm, Bodycount, Duke Nukem Forever and (potentially) Postal 3, SS3 could be the hightlight of 2011’s resurgence of more lighthearted first-person shooters. God knows the genre could use a bit of levity.  Adam

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