EA: No Valve strain

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Electronic Arts Europe’s head Jens Uwe Intat (sounds like a character from Dune) has stressed that the relationship between EA and Valve hasn’t been damaged.  The perceived bone of contention being the upstart rival Origin digital content delivery system to Valve’s longstanding Steam.

In this gamesindustry.biz article , he said he sees no reason for the existing boxed retail distribution arrangement to  not continue. The way we see it, EA have filled a bag full of dogshit, set it on fire and when they’re rumbled before ringing Valve’s doorbell, have tried to act like nothing’s happened.

How can the very fact they’ve pulled various products from Steam and subsequently hosted them on Origin not have damaged the relationship between the two companies? EA citing patching issues is just bullshit of the highest order. You managed just fine before Origin came out, how come it’s a problem now?

Anyway, all the name Origin serves to evoke in this correspondent’s psyche is the halcyon days of Ultima UnderworldWing Commander and System Shock back in the early ’90s. Ian

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