DLC madness alert.

Sometimes £39.99 just isnt enough.

Sometimes £39.99 just isn't enough.

Fucking hell.  DLC is going crazy right now.  We’ve reviewed individual things but we’re going to struggle to keep up so here’s the latest on all this DLC bollocks.

Unreal Tournament 3:  The latest rather blaverage sequel to the best ever FPS gets the ‘Titan’ pack which offers new maps, characters, vehicles and modes and is COMPLETELY FREE.  Win!  The game’s a bit duff but even so, FREE!!!

Fifa 09:  The new ‘Ultimate Team’ mode is apparently some sort of collect up the players/fantasy football thing.  It sounds intriguing and adds ten new achievements (hopefully fixing the fucking awful 10v10 one).  Expect a cost.  Expect 800 M$P (guess).

SKATE 2:  New challenges, new levels and new achievements.  Sounds good.  Sounded even better when the DLC hit and it was 400 M$P.  However that only covers SOME of the new achievements.  It looks like two more packs at 400 M$P are on the way.  That’s on top of the 800 M$P video pack that makes video replays better or something.  Fuck off, EA.

Mirror’s Edge:  800 M$P buys you seven new time trial maps.

Tomb Raider:  This gets a new ‘Beneath The Ashes’ pack which is 800 M$P and adds 125 gamerscore (expect another pack then).  Whatever.

Ah well, it looks like EA have reverted to their usual tricks and are looking like early contenders for ‘Biggest Twats of 09’.  I wonder what Namco have got up their sleeves?

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