PEOWWcast – Episode 2.2

PEOWWcast Episode 2.2: Brought To You By Potter’s Catarrh Pastilles.


PEOWWcast Crew

PEOWWcast 2.2 all up in your face, Zef-style.  That tricky second episode of the second season sees us trying to get blood (content) out of a stone (shitty release schedule) and somehow we manage it.  Also at 28 and a bit mins in, take note.

Present: Rich, Cale, Lurk.

Subjects: CODBLOPS, Fallout: New Vegas, 007 Bloodstone, Need For Speed, Sonic All-Stars Racing, Guwange, Pac-Man: Celine Dion, some iPod stuff, gaming on the toilet and more.

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