Mini Review – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (XBLA)

Mini Review – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Retro scrolling fighter.

Hopefully better than Castle Crashers.




Do you like chiptunes? Do you like brawlers ? Do you like rpg elements? Do you like pixel art by mad Australian Paul Robertson? If I get a yes to one or more of my questions then give me a few minutes I know a game you might enjoy.  Brawlers only sometimes work for me and when I first started playing Scott Pilgrim I wasn’t feeling it. You start of weak with only a hand full of basic moves. You quickly gain more throughout the game by defeating enemies. While stat boosts involve buying gear in the shops that line the levels.

Darkstar One

Neo-retro graphics = good.

From initially dull to nuanced (but still basic) combat the game does pick up as you progress. You’ll fight hipsters, zombies and evil exs leading up to the final showdown with Gideon. The game assumes you already know the story either via the film or comics but not knowing wouldn’t really hurt.

The game sets out to be as close to a classic brawler as it can and is successful in that. One modern convenience that I can’t do without is online co op.  This is the one massive hole in the game and if it was 1200MS points it’d be a deal breaker but  at 800MS I can just about live with it.

If you’ve got a bit of retro love this game should raise a few smiles for it’s amazing pixel art and soundtrack alone. For everyone else just bear in mind that the demo only shows the start of the game (ie the worst part). If you’ve got a few friends round the couch co op would be enough to justify the price.


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