Mini Review – Metro 2033 (Xbox 360)

Mini Review – Metro 2033


In Soviet Russia atom splits you.




Well we’ve had a few of these on the 360 haven’t we?  You know the sort of thing, an FPS that needs a torch and throws moments of cliched horror at you (think The Darkness, Jericho, Dark Sector, Violet Assassin, Condemned etc etc).  To be fair though, this might be the best of them (well, alongside The Darkness anyway), offering just enough quality in amongst the unmistakable scent of lemon.

Metro 2033

Welcome to Most Haunted on Bravo. Now with firearms.

Think Fallout 3 but linear and missing the RPG stuff.  Sounds a bit thin?  Well it kind of is but equally it doesn’t have you fucking around win rusty tins like some sort of virtual tramp.  The shooting’s better than Fallout 3‘s also.  The campaign is easily done in ten hours and it tells a good story.  Even if it rarely ventures away from the typical FPS template (yep, right down to the turret sections and mandatory platforming bits).

It looks suitably bleak and has some decently dark music in there.  The voice acting is all drenched in goddamn commie Russian accents so I can’t tell you how well it’s delivered but it seems okay.  Yeah, overally it’s a decent game.  Comfortably above average but never extending itself to greatness.  A good buy if you spot Metro 2033 for under £20, provided that you’re not utterly sick of this sort of thing yet.


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