Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage DLC

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage DLC.



It all starts with an overheard radio transmission and develops from there, before you know it you are drawn into a very compelling piece of DLC.  This expansion is based around the story of the Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts and takes place in a part of the map which was previously inaccessible in the main game.  The Outcastshave a problem and it turns out that you are uniquely positioned to help them.  Operation Anchorage takes place in a simulation of a past battle, so although the main game has gone to great lengths to create a bleak solitary experience, this DLC allows you to experience the hustle and bustle of a snowy battlefield.

By using Anchorage as a location it’s allowed Bethesda to create a location which looks like nothing else in the rest of the game.  This dramatic change in location adds massively to the appeal of this expansion and it’s testament to the strength of character in the main game that Anchorage doesn’t feel out of place.  The game never leaves behind its unique sense of humour and you are constantly reminded, through bits of scenery or overheard conversations, how you are still firmly in the Fallout universe.

A man could lose his bearings in weather like this.

A man could lose his bearings in weather like this.

As this is a simulation you’ve no longer got access to any of your inventory items, all you are given is a basic gun and some grenades.  You are initially tasked with completing a one man infiltration mission and once you’ve completed this it’s on to some basic, yet endearing, squad based missions.  By effectively removing your inventory the game starts to feel surprisingly like a by the numbers World War II shooter, and this feeling is further strengthened by the different objectives you are given and the type of enemies you face.

You will come across some unique weapons and items during Operation Anchorage and, through a nice little conceit, you are able to use these items throughout the rest of the main game.  On top of these new items you also get a powerful suit of armour and you can find a unique Perk, so for added content this DLC offers a fair bit for the price of 800MSP.  If you were to play this through in one sitting you would be able to fully complete it in around 4 hours, less if you run through it, so for duration it’s not amazingly long, but it manages to cram every moment with brilliant little surprises or memorable set pieces.  One word of warning though, if you play this DLC with a high level end character you may well be disappointed as it is short, and some of the kit you already own will probably be better then that you find here.  But play this with a low to mid level character and the rewards you get from it will be far more appreciated.

The change in dynamic in Operation Anchorage is a big part of the appeal of this DLC, and I applaud Bethesda for taking this opportunity to produce something different.  Look upon Operation Anchorage as a deleted scene from the great movie Fallout 3.

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