Fallout 3: Broken Steel DLC

Fallout 3: Broken Steel DLC.



Broken Steel starts two weeks after the main story events of Fallout 3, and is the third and biggest piece of DLC to be released. Different from the other DLC this is actually part of the main story arc of the game, and starts up as soon as the main quest is over. Broken Steel sees you joining forces with the Brotherhood of Steel and undertaking three new missions in three new locations spread around the Capital Wasteland. Your new goal is to attack the Enclave and try and locate a secret base of theirs, the first mission will see you working as part of a team but the second two see you going off on your own and acting like the one man army your are.

As this DLC plays out through the Capital Wasteland it looks just like the rest if Fallout, it doesn’t have the snow covered fields of Operation Anchorage or the orange fires of The Pitt. Consequently it’s down to the little bits of detail to remind you that you’re playing something new. Without spoiling the surprises these details come in the form of some new super tough baddies, some fantastic new areas, a few new weapons and bits of armour and most importantly ten new experience levels, the level cap having been raised from twenty to thirty.

A man could lose his bearings in weather like this.

Official 'not fussed' about those pussies from Army of Two.

The additional levels are needed here as some of the baddies are pretty hard and one or two could accurately be described as bullet sponges. But this new level cap remains one of the biggest draws for this piece of DLC, and although you could complete this having only reached level twenty four or so, the additional Exp allows you to hoover up any of the left over quests you may have missed from the main quest the first time round. You could theoretically start a new campaign and use the ten levels granted in this DLC to pad out your main quest. With these extra levels you also get a range of new perks to use, and whilst a lot of them could be seen as being a bit pointless there are one or two interesting gems hidden away such as the ability for Dogmeat to respawn or the ability to explode in a nuclear explosion when you die.

This DLC rolls in at 800 MSP which seems to be a fair price for the amount of content you get here, but this does come with a caveat as on a straight run through, and only taking into consideration the three missions on offer, you could complete the DLC in around five hours. If however you were to do this you’d be missing lot of what the DLC has to offer, the addition of the extra experience levels and the new baddies scattered across the world work together to provide a big new incentive to just go off exploring again, and that is the greatest thing about this DLC. I really enjoyed this new expansion and when taken into consideration with the rest of the DLC on offer for Fallout 3 it now makes the game a very, very generous package.

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