Ask Giant Minecraft Dyer #4: Halo 4

Microsoft’s flagship shooter series, Halo, returning for a fourth outing, one of our readers Kirsty from Penryn asks Hello Mammoth Stony Dyer. My question to you is with Halo 4, have 343 taken the Bungie legacy and made it epic or is it simply an epic fail? And can you explain in laymans terms how 343 being ‘an internal Microsoft group’ is different to Bungie also owned by Microsoft?

The Dyer

A mucker of mine told me to play Halo, so I gave it a go. It was all aliens and science fiction. What am I? Some sort of numberbod?

If I’m going to start shooting up a joint, it’d better be a bank. Know what I mean?

As for 343 and The Bungie Legacy. I don’t facking know. I started watching the first one but Matt Damon does my facking nut in. I don’t know who the geezer is to be fair. They should have got me or my Dad, Ray Winstone, to play that part.

I hate Star Wars.


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