Ask Giant Minecraft Dyer #3: Curiosity

Curiosity – What’s Inside The Cube is the latest bit of pretentious twaddle from previously-good, head vampire Peter Molyneux.  The idea of millions of players around the world aimlessly tapping away at a fuck off cube confuses us.  It also confuses Daphne from Cockhorror, Devon who asks DANNY DYER’S IMMENSE MINECRAFT NOGGIN “Hello Epic Dyer.  What do you think of all this Curiousity bollocks?

The Dyer

Curiosity?  Molyneux?  Peter?  Cubes?  Fack me, Love.  It all does my facking cannister right in.  Millions of people tapping away at a facking cube all day?  This isn’t China, Pete.  That’s a million people who could be watching me play a bouncer or bank robber in a straight-to-DVD classic.

This Peter Molyneux… I don’t know who the geezer is to be fair but he’s clearly not a man.   If he came round to my local battle cruiser and tried to order a facking spritzer I’d go up to him, all casual like, and I take his spritzer and I’d facking glass him right in his boat.  How’d you like that, Sebastian?  Facking ponce.



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