Ask Giant Minecraft Dyer #2: The GMA Doritos Debacle

With games journalism being further called into question when a bunch of so-called journalists tweeted promotional hashtags at the GMAs for the chance to win PS3 consoles and Doritos or something (fuck, I don’t know), one of our readers asked THE 100FT MINECRAFT DANNY DYER HEAD “Hello mammoth stoney Dyer.  What do you make of all this GMA PS3 Dorito nonsense and especially Lauren Wainwright who had the Eurogamer article edited after she was named as something or other (fuck I don’t know either) ?

The Dyer

I don’t know who the geezer is to be fair.  You know what, I do think there are people who have a serious problem with me but you know what, I get a lot of love in this country.

You know what, I get a lot of love from men.  Which is quite a rare thing.  This geezer clearly ain’t a man.  He’s obviously some two-bob fackin wrong ‘un who’s a failed facking writer.  Lauren Wainwright?  Fucking Kermit?

You’ve got to turn it in, Sunshine.   Know what I mean?  You know, respect your own.  You know, I’m not claiming to be Laurence Olivier, I’m just earning a pound note.

If I come across ya, I'll put something right across your facking cannister.


2 thoughts on “Ask Giant Minecraft Dyer #2: The GMA Doritos Debacle

  1. Markuz

    You just named the person who was initially named and was then re-named when asking for herself to not be named whilst, invariably, tweeting about how some un-named person (who she likely named) sent her a shiny steering wheel.

    It’s like a spiral of naming.

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