Ask Giant Minecraft Dyer #1: The Wii-U

With Nintendo’s foray into the next gen just around the corner. One of our readers asked THE 100FT MINECRAFT DANNY DYER HEAD “Hello monstrous stone Dyer. Should I buy the Nintendo Wii-U or wait for Sony or Microsoft to announce their next console?

The Dyer

Yeah I bought the treacle one of them Nintendo Wii fings.  Said there you go, Treacle.  You can do some facking Zumba now and not miss Eastenders.

Now the facking thing has got more dust on it than Dot Cotton’s facking muff.

To be honest, I can’t be arsed with all that facking Mario shit.  He’s a facking MUG.  Nah, if I had arms and wasn’t just a terrifying stone visage of a popular (read: MUCH LOVE FROM MEN) wideboy actor, I’d be too busy playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

It looks the facking nuts, bruv!

Soppy tart.


2 thoughts on “Ask Giant Minecraft Dyer #1: The Wii-U

  1. Markuz

    I’ve missed The Dyer. How come everyone in Advertisingland who owns a Wii also owns a fucking huge TV and even more fucking huge lounge?? It’s like Nintendo have never been inside a UK home.

  2. Dyer

    Nah mate. I reckon it’s just cos she’s Japanese and they are quite little. Although you should see my gaff. It’s facking quite large.

    Have to share it with the mum though. Bless ‘er.

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